Hi. I’m Paul. You probably know me as the writer/designer of the hit point-and-click adventure game Life in the Dorms, or perhaps from my second-place showing in the 2013 Haddam Neck Fair beard competition (Neatness division). I’m here to tell you that there’s more to me than that—I also portrayed either Beebop or Rocksteady in Shawnee High School’s 2002 spirit week presentation; I can’t remember which.


I wasn’t kidding this time.

You want more? Hey, a fan! All right! I’m a graduate of the University of Maryland, class of 2007. (GO TERPS!) I’ve got a degree in psychology, which I’ve made great use of as a professional copyeditor with a New Jersey consulting firm. Speaking of which, I’m originally from South Jersey, which is the nice part of the state that has cranberry bogs and box turtles, rather than spray tans and industrial fumes. I have two rabbits named Phoenix and Maya; a turtle named Agrus Kos, Wojek Veteran; and I’m married to a lady who has a Ph.D. from Yale. (Frickin’ Yale, man!) I enjoy playing with scotch tape and drinking Constant Comment tea. When I was little, I always wanted to start a spoon collection, but my parents would never let me.

I also make awesome videogames.

…Maybe I should’ve mentioned that part before the spoons.

I’m an independent videogame writer, designer, and editor. My biggest project to date is Moment Games’ Life in the Dorms, a comedic XBLIG adventure game chronicling a shy kid’s first few days of college life—playing ice-breakers, meeting his roommate, avoiding his RA, and hunting down kidnappers and performing unlicensed open surgery. I’m also collaborating with my wife on a point-and-click adventure game called The Beard in the Mirror (nee testgame), which has been in development for longer than you’ve been alive, and I’ve offered proofreading and editing services for a variety of other indie games, including Daedalic Entertainment’s The Night of the Rabbit.

Here on this site, you’ll find links to various creativey projects I’ve worked on—articles I’ve written, games I’ve helped out with, videos I’ve produced, pods I’ve casted, and so on. You’ll also find a blog that may or may not ever be updated, my résumé in case you’d like to hire me to work on your next game (PLEASE HIRE ME), and no doubt scattered pictures of my bunnies and/or beard, because they’re just so lovely.

I hope you enjoy my website, and if you don’t, I hope you never tell me. I just don’t think I could take that kind of rejection.


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